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Innovation in Medicine 2018 is a truly exceptional event, representing the breadth of pioneering medicine. We have united leading global speakers from each field, advocated by each medical specialty.

  • Clinical session will focus on new developments and innovations in each field, concentrating on future good practice and, importantly, addressing the areas we need to improve on.


The programme also explores a variety of current and future healthcare issues and we invite you to join the discussions on:

  • Quality improvement
    • Focusing on the RCP’s cutting-edge quality improvement work as well as recent developments, approaches and research across the health sector.
    • Quality Improvement (QI) Hub


  • Obesity
    • The RCP’s special adviser on obesity, Professor John Wass, chairs a session on the future of obesity care in the UK, including a topical debate on the pros and cons of bariatric surgery.


  • Digital health – explore ¬†how digital advances will transform healthcare and hear a topical debate on the successes and potential pitfalls of using technology.


  • Gross negligence and medical protection
    • There has been a recent rise in the range and number of healthcare professionals charged with ‘manslaughter by gross negligence’. Numbers are low at present, however, can staff learn from errors or near misses in a culture of blame or under threat of prosecution?
    • Crime and Medicine


  • Sustainability
    • Discuss environmental issues around healthcare sustainability, including how we can modernise current methods of care to minimise waste, increase efficiency and improve patient satisfaction.